The buzz cut is a broad category of haircuts that you can customize in various ways. Each sort of buzz cut looks different on every type of hair and head shape, so no two people with the same buzz will look alike. 

If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking about getting a buzz cut but aren’t sure what kind to get because of the numerous options a barber shop can provide. 

Before you go to the barber, have a look at some of the most popular buzz cut styles below. You’ll notice that some are simple, while others are more inventive and stylish.

The Military-Inspired Induction Buzz Cut

An induction cut is the shortest and most uniform buzz cut, as popularized by the military. Upon joining the army, they shave their recruits’ heads completely bald. You may achieve a similar effect by removing the guard from your clipper and shaving with a 0.5 or even one blade.

After your hair has grown out, or if you’re eager to shear away an unmanageable longer style, the induction cut is a nice way to reset your canvas. It looks great with a clean shave or a beard that’s been growing for a few weeks.

The Versatile Burr Buzz Cut

The burr cut goes a step further than the induction cut. You can still do it manually, and the guard should be set at 1 or 2. You’ll get a consistent mowing that’s short enough to feel scratchy like sandpaper.

Thinning and recession will be enhanced with the burr, so proceed cautiously. What’s wonderful is that if you decide you’d prefer to end up with an induction cut, you can easily keep trimming shorter. What you can do is begin with the burr and proceed from there.

The Stylish Fade Buzz Cut

A fade buzz cut is less concerned with length and more concerned with flair and execution. You can have a fading butch cut or a really short crew cut that veers towards butch or burr territory.

The fundamental components of the faded buzz are that the sides start short, sometimes with no guard or shaved bald using a razor. The hair declines upward, either gradually or abruptly, to the crown, which is usually uniform in length. 

However, because the naked skin below grows out quickly, you’ll need to touch it up every two weeks.

The Flattering Crew Cut

The sides of a crew cut are blended, but there is usually a little extra fringe on top. This gives you the option to style or add texture and product. 

If you like something shorter but still styleable, your barber may scissor-cut it or buzz it on a higher guard. 

The High and Tight Buzz Cut

The high and tight is a fade style that is sometimes mistaken for a crew cut. The difference is in the name: the sides are kept short all the way up the sides of the head, and the merging around the dome is clean. There is a lot of fading, and it’s pretty tight.


It’s also worth noting that there are a lot of similarities between styles. It’s sometimes difficult to describe what kind of style you want. The best thing to do is bring a photo of what you desire from your barber and get their professional opinion on whether you can pull it off with your hair density and growth patterns.

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