Getting a haircut is an essential appointment for many guys everywhere. After all, proper grooming is quintessential to daily living, and getting a haircut encompasses that. There are many different haircuts that a man can choose from, but one of the more prominent examples is the fade.

A fade haircut comes in many forms, and there are many ways to style it. A man can choose from a high, medium, low, or bald fade haircut, meaning each haircut will look different. However, the choice is usually a low or high fade for many guys.

In this article, we’ll go into detail about high and low fades, along with the differences between them. Read on below to get started.

The Low Fade Cut

The low fade haircut involves using a clipper to cut the hair, which leaves the back and sides of the scalp exposed. The hair across the top of the head is still fully cut, but only a certain amount of hairs are cut short. The shortness of the cut makes the low fade stand out from the other fade cuts.

As a result, guys will be able to slick back their hair with ease, and they’ll also be able to style their hair in various other ways. This makes the low fade the choice for many men, as it looks great, especially if the hair is kept relatively long.

Styling a Low Fade

Styling a low fade is very easy to do. All a man needs is a bit of pomade, or maybe a product that will work to moisturize their hair. This will ensure that the hair will look soft and smooth.

The low fade haircut also looks excellent with a full beard, and it also looks great with a clean shave. This makes the low fade one of the best possible haircuts for guys who want to look their best, whether it be for a night out or a night of relaxing.

The High Fade Haircut

The high fade is a popular haircut that’s not as common as the low fade haircut, but still an excellent haircut regardless. You’ll notice that the high fade cuts the hair very short in the back, but there’s a point where the hair will be left longer on top. This is why the high fade is more challenging to pull off, as the hair is working in different directions.

The high fade is a bit of a more extreme style, so it’s something that’s meant to be worn by men who don’t mind standing out from the crowd. It’s a good look for guys interested in being trendy and setting themselves apart from the crowd.

Styling a High Fade

Styling a high fade isn’t as easy as the low fade, simply because the high fade involves a lot more styling. There are more options for styling the hair, so more work has to be put into styling it. However, it’s not as hard as you may think, especially if you have a hair product that works well. The key with the high fade is to make sure the hair on top of your head is styled properly. If you’re going to have a high fade, you have to be willing to spend the time in the morning working on your hair.

What Should You Get?

Now that we have gone over the high and low fade, the question remains: which one to choose? It’s a tricky question to answer, but we can make some generalizations. The truth is that you should pick the fade that looks best on you. What works for one guy may not look good on the next, so some prefer to go with a high fade while others with a low fade. These haircuts look great, so it ultimately comes down to personal preference.


Getting a fade haircut is an excellent choice for many guys. You’ll be able to look your best, and you’ll be able to make a bold statement. It’s vital to get the haircut that looks best on you, and the fade is one of the best ways to pull that off.

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