If you’re losing your hair, it’s important to know that not all hairstyles will work for you. Haircuts for thin hair may emphasize the bald areas in your scalp, while some cuts can make your hair loss less obvious. Conversely, there are haircuts and hairstyles that will make thinning hair a non-issue. If this is something that you want to learn more about, read on for five haircuts and hairstyles for people with thinning hair.

Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is a good option if you have thin hair since thin hair stands out less than thick hair would with a longer haircut. A buzz cut also helps reduce the contrast between your forehead and your hairline, since it reduces the height of your hair. A buzz cut is also a solution for those with a receding hairline as it makes your receding hairline less evident.

Slick Back

While “slick back” is a bit of a misnomer — your hair is going to look styled and not wet, after all — a men’s slick back hairstyle will certainly keep your hair away from your face. The most common form of the slick back is one in which your hair is taken straight across the top of your head, from the front to the back. A slick back will cover up any balding spots and keep the rest of your hair held neatly in place. If you don’t want to go completely bald, a comb-over can also hide more dramatic receding hairlines.

Crew Cut

A military-style crew cut can help men hide the signs of hair loss, especially when it is coupled with a bald fade. By cutting the hair at the sides extremely close to the scalp, it creates the illusion that the hairline is more even on both sides of the head. If you want more length on top, you can replace a military-style crew cut with a more classic high and tight haircut.

Mop Top


The pompadour hairstyle is ideal for hiding thinning on your crown, long, medium-length, or short hair and for men who have a receding hairline but not a complete bald spot in the center of your scalp. You can pair it with an undercut or facial hair. The pompadour is ideal for men with round faces who want to hide a receding hairline but not a bald spot.

Skin Fade

As I’m sure you’re aware, skin fades are a popular haircut for men in which the sides and back of the head are cut short, and the hair on top can be left long or styled accordingly. Some styles include a side part that is cut from the temples to the crown on one side of the head, with the hair combed over to one side. A faux hawk can also be worn with a skin fade or even a bald fade.


We hope this article proves to be useful when it comes to helping you choose the best haircut or hairstyle. While it may seem hopeless, having thinning hair isn’t the end of the world as there are haircuts and hairstyles that will suit you. Be sure to keep everything you learned here in mind the next time you visit a barber so that you can choose the best haircut for you.

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